FABRICADEMY a new textile academy

We began with inspiring talks by Anastasia, Cecilia & Zoe and these things were particularly interesting to me:


Another Shoe



We also heard about the new programme - Fabricademy - which will take place for the first time in September 2017. Exciting!

After that, we were invited to start experimenting with a laser cutter and fabrics to create samples for seamless clothing and reconfigurable modular systems.

Streaming on Youtube

As it was 4:00am in New Zealand, I decided to play around with some other things instead, things I haven’t made time to do for a while. I’ve also been working with laser cutters for more than a decade now, so I’m fairly confident that I can do it, it’s a matter of making time to do it. When I first started, my awesome friend Genevieve Packer and I spent a lot of time testing and developing settings for a range of textiles. We still use the basic theory for them and push…nudge…tweak them from there. Also, the laser cutter was fully utilised when I went into Fab Lab Wgtn this afternoon. Though I did make up some samples for a workshop the other day, with my lovely collegues Craig, Jason & Stuart. Enough excuses - I will do it, honestly…


Above left, the image shows a double layer of 1.8mm bamboo ply pieces glued to a stretch fabric; at centre is a felted material that’s made from textile waste and turned into blankets for protecting furniture when moving house (\unknown mix of synthetic and natural fibres, the laser cutting doesn’t noticably enhance it’s structural integrity); and right, top quality PLA from our local Diamond Age Solutions printed onto the same stretch fabric.

I downloaded Make Human, an open source modelling software for making 3D characters. I’ve been meaning to do that since I first heard about it from Anastasia a couple of years ago… There’s always something to distract me. I started to explore the software and made a model of myself. Well, as best I could… for instance, there is only one curly hair option. You can scroll down with no qualms - I made modesty panels for the swimsuit area to appease the censors and anyone who might find it challenging to see more than they wish to.

Make Human

It’s an interesting GUI, with tabs, and I clicked my way around them and pulled sliders for a while.

Then I found an old tape measure of my grandmother’s and started inputting my measurements. It was super-interesting seeing ‘myself’ emerge onscreen. I had no idea I looked like that - I suppose the test will be when I print out my own mannequin and then start to create garments and accessories for it.

I also spent a bit of time running through a grasshopper tutorial - it’s been a long time since I played with that and I’ve never been proficient with it, so it was good to get those rusty skills going again. Especially when I missed a step and had to go way, way back to fix it. Always good to repeat the learning…


And just by the way, super glad to have installed Time Snapper Classic on my computer. It’s free but works on Windows only. It takes screenshots of your desktop - I’ve set it for every fifteen minutes - and essentially creates a log of your time on the ‘puter so you don’t have to remember to take screenshots. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have these images to look at!

Here is a (parental) thought from Slack, that appeared as I logged in for the first day of workshops:


And an image of the jars I put on my windowsill this afternoon.


Fold Triangles